Embed a Facebook Feed Into your Full or Mobile Site

A great resource for a recent news page on a mobile site or full site is using a Facebook feed if available. A lot of plugins are available but Facebook offers a great developer resource that is simple and easy to use. Watch the video below. I added links below the video for the Facebook developer page and the plugin I like to use.

Facebook Developer Page Plugin Code


Addfunc Head and Footer Plugin

AddFunc Head & Footer Code

Add Facebook Like Button to your Mobile Site

Add Facebook Like Button to your Mobile Site

A great way to interact with social media is via a mobile site. In a previous post I showed you how to embed your twitter timeline (HERE) and for this post lets look at adding a Facebook like box.  Now since this is for mobile the width is going to be 300.

Go to https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/like-button and follow the 3 easy steps.

For best mobile results, use width 300, layout standard, action type Like, Button size small and un-check show friends faces.

When you get the code, it will be in two parts. One for the header of the page you are placing it and the other in a text module for placement.

One plugin I use to get code into the header section is Addfunc Header and Footer Code. This plugin works great because it gives you the option to easily add code on any individual page/post.