Over the years we have added many new services. These services are because of our expansion and new partnerships. We enjoy bringing solutions to our clients.

Web Design

Our Approach is Simple
We understand that everyone has a budget, and we make sure to meet your budget. We started out catering to start-ups and the Mom-and-Pop shops. We still love getting those with a small budget a presence on the web and social media. Sure, we have grown and take on bigger projects now, but will always take time to do any project. No job is too small, but all our clients are BIG.

Mobile Solutions
We build a true mobile experience for every website we build.

For success mobile sites must be interactive. We provide all the sites we build with a true interactive mobile experience.

App Like
Mobile sites that we build will look and behave just like an app.

Call to Action Buttons
Along the bottom and / or top of your mobile site, we provide easy to access call to action buttons. These call-to-action buttons make it super easy for visitors to get information quickly.


Promote your event, business, product, or news with web-based advertising. We will create your strategy from start to finish.

Don’t have the tools required to promote your next event or product? We take care of all your needs in an affordable way and have several in-house URL solutions that will work for you.

  • Graphics: We will create eye-catching images for your advertising.
  • URLs: We have several in-house URLs at your disposal.
  • Mobile: We create a great interactive mobile adverting solution.
  • Print: We offer affordable and creative printing solutions.


Do you have an event coming up that you are promoting with a flyer? Sure, we can make the flyer, but we can also deliver an interactive mobile solution to go along with it.


Have custom images tailored to your brand and identity. 


We have a blazing fast web hosting solution perfect for you! Whether you have a low traffic, a brand new blog, or own a popular business site, A2 Hosting has got you covered!

We offer solid website hosting for our clients. PCI compliant servers for medium-sized e-commerce businesses.
The site is monitored for security attacks and infections. WordPress security updates are essential. These updates happen automatically. We do daily backups for our client websites. The entire server is backed up.

We can bill for hosting monthly or yearly to meet our clients’ needs.

Mobile Design

Mobile Looks
Every Full site we do can have a mobile web app look and feel. Look below at the different mobile looks.

Mobile Site Breakdown
An effective mobile site is key to the success of the site and the experience the mobile visitor has.

Add to Home Screen
All our website can be added to any smartphone home screen and be launched with an app appearance.

Social Media Embeds
Easily embed your Facebook feeds or Twitter feed into your mobile site.

Digital Assests

Attract Your Audience With:

  • Custom & Engaging Graphics
  • Logo & Identity
  • Illustration & Icons
  • Custom Images
  • Branded Videos

Custom graphics, logo branding, or print media, are just some of the branding solutions we offer. Most of our websites come with custom images, but you may be looking for additional graphic work for your website or print solution. We look forward to working with you.

Digital & Traditional Printing
• Personalized Items
• Business Cards
• Compliment Slips
• Magnets
• Postcards
• Training Material
• Direct Mail Print
• Leaflets & Flyers
• Financial Documents
• Menus
• Short Run Print
• Forms
• Brochures & Booklets CD/DVD Covers
• Cards & Calendars
• Point of Sale Material
• Stickers & Labels
• Wirebound Documents

We produce a wide variety of custom printed products and according to the need can be printed digitally or traditionally.
3D Printing
Many companies want a promotional product that sets them apart from their competition. The problem is the amount of time spent using traditional manufactures and the price for design, assembly, shipping and packaging make it an expensive procedure. Sure, you can do the typical promotional items, but let us show you some creative ways to approach your next marketing campaign.
Now with 3D printing, we can offer cool promotional items with your logo or service and still deliver a unique cost-effective solution.

  • Custom Key Hooks
  • Pen Toppers
  • Business Card Holder

• Banner Stands & Displays
• Light Box Signs
• Office/Facility Signs
• Safety Signs
• Sign Frames
• Yard Signs
• Brochures Holders
• Golf Signs
• Literature Racks
• Political Signs
• Sidewalk Signs
• Sign Stakes
• Custom Shaped Signs
• Letter Boards
• Magnetic Signs
• Real Estate Signs
• Sing/Poster Holders
• Traffic & Parking Signs
Signs are an integral part of owning and operating a business. The signs you use in your establishment help promote and market your brand or product. Make sure you consider which type of sign best represents your business and brand.

Social Media

We keep your audiences engaged and delighted. We create and manage social media campaigns for businesses and individuals. We help with your social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Instagram on your behalf.


From logo design, web design, print, apparel, or online marketing, our business delivers quality and affordable solutions for our clients.

See what is working for you now and what can stay in place. Some tweaks are great but only when needed. No reason to change what is working efficiently now.

We will expand your reach and create new ways to market yourself. We always start with FREE productive options, then create a plan that will fit any budget our client needs to be at. We look forward to working with our clients on FUN out of the box thinking to improve your business.

Eliminate or expand on some of the tasks currently happening day to day. We will see what is new and trending to keep your business current looking forward.