Embedding a Twitter Timeline on Mobile Site


Embedding a twitter timeline is a great way to communicate with people visiting your mobile site. Recently the twitter widget setup changed but all for the good.

As an example if you are a bar or restaurant you can tweet at anytime quickly and efficiently. Have a lunch special or happy hour? Tweet it out and it will instantly be available on your mobile site so people can see. If you do this on a regular basis, you will have people opening your mobile site all the time to see what you have going on. Always promote interaction with your guests and or customers and this is a great way to do just that.

Here is how to get the twitter embed code.

Go to Twitter
Upper right click on profile and settings.
Click on settings.
Now click on widgets.
Upper Right click create new.
On the drop down click on profile.
On the new page that opens up enter your full twitter URL.
Select Embedded Timeline.
You will now see your embed code but you need to do a couple more steps.
Click on set customization options.
Set the Height to 600
Set the Width to 295
Choose light or dark look.
I usually check the box opt out of tailoring twitter.
Now click Update.
Then copy your code.
Paste the code into your mobile site.
Now you have a great looking Embedded Twitter Timeline on your site.