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Divi makes it so easy to deliver a great mobile, interactive experience so why not add some extra flare with bottom action buttons. Why are they so efficient? If you think about how people hold their smartphone: most times using a thumb to touch a button is easy. Bottom navigation on a mobile site really allows the user quick and easy navigation. Responsive sites can be a scroll to the bottom race, but with a static bottom action bar, you keep important call to action points front and center… well front and bottom.

What can you put in your bottom action bar?

  • Directions
  • Social Media
  • Gallery
  • Buy Now
  • Contact Us
  • Tap to Call

These are just a few, but using an action bar to the bottom of you mobile site is a win win for you as a developer and your customer.

New Mobile Section Pack in Elegant Marketplace Here.

New Mobile Section Pack in Elegant Marketplace Here.