Responsive versus Mobile

Responsive versus Mobile

I am not going to bash responsive websites, I honestly feel responsive websites are one of the greatest features to hit the world wide web in a long time. That being said (yes a butt is coming) a true mobile site still is a big need for the success of a website. The only exception to this rule (maybe) is if you are a blogger and have your posts on your homepage.

Users want interaction when they visit a  website via mobile. I’ve been building and creating mobile sites for almost 9 years. (Well to clarify mobile sites back then were actually called WAP sites.) So over the past nine years I have captured analytics of how people use the features and what pages from their mobile device they visited based on the type of company or service you offer.

In the end, responsive design is supposed to offer a solution for all screen sizes. Unfortunately, all the desktop content loading onto a mobile device is not what end users want to see. Now with Divi you can choose to load only certain content based on the device accessing your site, but that still does not offer an easy to manage site nor does it have all the content built specifically for mobile.

Maybe we have entered an age that requires a new buzz word change. People used to need a WAP site, then a mobile site and now responsive is supposed to be the answer. Sadly responsive is not the answer.  So maybe we don’t call it a mobile site at all and just call this solution a mobile web app.

I lost a few mobile site customers that changed their full sites over to responsive and found the need for a true mobile site no longer existed. Well I am starting to get those clients back when their mobile site performance dropped way off with client interaction. When I switched them back to a mobile web app look…… the mobile device traffic returned.

I do build all our mobile solutions with Divi, but keep in mind that responsive although great, does not deliver a great solution for mobile device users.

Came across another great article on this subject that is a great read Here.


Divi Mobile Features Page Layout

Divi Mobile Features Page Layout

We have several requests from clients that wanted a features page on mobile devices to be two across instead of stacking.  So we created a template that offers side by side features and includes several color options. The JSON file includes a locked code module that allows them to be side by side. We will have this in our store free over the weekend. Enjoy.

Top Header with Home navigation
Logo Row
Features Ribbon Image Row
10 features in 5 rows
5 color check mark PNG images included
Locked Code Module
Footer Row

Available in our Store Here.

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Best Way to have Different Menus for Full and Mobile Sites

Best Way to have Different Menus for Full and Mobile Sites

Creating a page called Mobile and using the blank template is all you need to do. You can grab one of our Divi Mobile Designs from our store or build your own.

Creating a page called Mobile and using the blank template allows you tons of flexibility with the look and feel. Create a new menu and call it mobile menu and add what pages you want.

Keep in mind you really don’t need a navigation menu at all when creating a mobile page, since you create your button nav links right on the page itself.

Once you have a blank page template, start adding your sections,rows and modules. Every column should be full width and images should not exceed 300px wide. Because too many devices are still out there with a CSS pixel width of 320.

I usually create my rows like this.
Full Width Navigation. (If needed)
Impact Statement or Slogan
Tap to Call
Slider if you want one.
Text Module for adding your button tabs.
Social Icons

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