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Major Car Wash Company Shrinks System to Clean Smartphones

  For Immediate Release April 1, 2016. National Spokes Person Charles released the prototype image of the future way people will clean smartphones quickly and easily in their home. We wanted to cut costs on our car wash systems and the best way to do this was...

How Consumers Used Apps in 2015

Thanks to Verizon for sending us the the latest results for app usage in 2015. Although we make mobile sites here at Resource Mobility, a lot of our mobile sites are simply mobile web apps. These results re-enforce the importance for having a mobile solution. More and...

Google Search Mobile Friendly Results

When it comes to search on mobile devices, users should get the most relevant and user friendly results, no matter if the information lives on mobile-friendly web pages or web apps. As more people use mobile devices to access the internet, your business more than ever...

Add Home Screen Shortcut To Your Smartphone.

Adding a home screen shortcut is easy, but does vary depending on the smartphone you use. Here at Resource Mobility we create a custom icon for our customers so when their site is added to someone’s home screen it blends in with all the other apps. This simple...

Landing Pages for Mobile Apps and Games

If you’re a developer you are missing out if you only have a full website for your game or application. Resource Mobility creates not only a great looking mobile site, but our sites work great on any screen size. How much information can you give on a mobile...

Print Advertising Shifting to Mobile Ad’s

Yes print advertising needs to shift to mobile ad’s and there are plenty of stats to back this up. Even email advertising should offer a link for a mobile view just in case the user is opening the email via their mobile device. Resource Mobility has seen big...


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